Oops… you just thought you knew what was next…

Have you ever had a really good plan? I mean you knew that it was the best next step and you were prepared to take it?  This year I laid out a plan. I wrote out a calendar. I even shared it with a few others. I knew the plan. I knew the best next strategic plan for our church, for our family and I was so excited about it.  I even prayed over it and about it. I sought counsel! I did all the things you are suppose to do….

Then all of a sudden, the plan isn’t working. Things happened. Big things. Little things. Medium  things… and all of the sudden I don’t know the plan. I know Who is writing the plan and I trust Him, but the plan I had isn’t the plan anymore.

Instead the new uncharted unplanned plan is leading me to intense time of prayer. It is leading me to lead others in a time of spiritual renewal and seeking. Instead the new plan will involve a huge construction project in the middle of Easter Season. In the middle of what I thought I would be doing, I find myself on my knees more and learning to wait in the hallway of unopened doors.  The new plan  requires more faith than perhaps I have ever had. The new plan will ask me to take risk, make big decisions. The new plan will propel me, my family  and my church into the next chapter a little quicker than I thought we would go.

Maybe like me you thought you knew the plan…and like me you find yourself just riding the waves of uncharted territory. I am thankful that even in the middle of the new plan I can rest in Him, Jesus. He is the author and perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2), is He not? He knows what each chapter looks like from beginning to end, and He laid it all out before I even took my first breath.

So today I fall to my knees a little more frequent. I learn new things about Him and His next step and I throw my plan into the wind….